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Solar M&E PV Energy



Solar PV stands for 'solar photovoltaic'. Solar PV panels harness sunlight and the sun's radiation, turning it into solar electricity to power a house or a commercial building. A solar PV system is made up of panels consisting of thin layers of silicon. As soon as the sun's radiation or light hits the PV panels, they convert it to DC electricity. A converter then converts this AC electricity, which can be used to power the home. An export meter is also installed with all Reed M&E PV installations. This allows consumers generating surplus solar electricity to sell it back to the grid. And under the Feed In Tariff (explained below) to be introduced in April 2010, there has never been a more profitable time to sell back solar electricity.


The Feed in Tariff and Solar PV Grid Connection

Thanks to the Feed In Tariff that will come into effect in April 2010, consumers who generate solar electricity through solar PV installation will now be able to sell their surplus energy back to the utilities companies at a higher rate than that at which they would buy energy from them! Yes, it sounds a little too good to be true. But there's logic behind it.

Electricity from non-renewable sources, such as solar electricity, is more expensive to generate than that from renewable sources. As such, and to encourage more use of renewables, the Government has committed to the Feed In Tariff (see table below). It means that consumers can actually sell surplus energy to utilities companies easily and at a fair rate. In order to do that, their solar PV system will have to be connected to the grid. With a Reed M&E Solar PV installation, this will be included in the package to ensure that you are up and running and ready to take advantage of the Feed In Tariff.


Technology Scale Tariff level (p/kWh) Tariff lifetime (years)
Solar electricity (PV) <4 kW (retro fit) 41.3 25
Solar electricity (PV) <4 kW (new build) 36.1 25
Wind <1.5kW 34.5 20
Wind <1.5 - 15kW 26.7 20
Micro CHP <2kW 10.0 10
Hydroelectricity <15kW 19.9 20







In order to sell solar electricity back to the grid, you must either notify the electricity board within 30 days prior to your installation, or 30 days before you wish to begin selling electricity back to the grid.


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