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Power Surveys



Knowing where and when power is used is vital to cost energy management.


Reed M&E gives you the power to manage your energy:


  • Know your electricity usage and eliminate waste.
  • Check the accuracy of electricity bills.
  • Calculate running costs of machinery, departments and buildings.
  • Check for low power factor.
  • Profile your electricity maximum and minimum demands.
  • Avoid unbalanced supply problems.
  • Choose the right tariff for you.


We can measure consumption, power factor, peaks, maximum demands. This information is then downloaded to a PC and a detailed report printed out.

We use this information to verify electricity supply companies’ metering equipment and provide billing comparison information and assist in managing supply consumption. We carry out surveys on behalf of consultants to ascertain existing supply constraints prior to alterations.


We can also carry out electrical consumption surveys on installations up to 1000 Amps per Phase with our in-house equipment. Our survey equipment is non-invasive and requires no shut down of electrical supplies to install/remove the equipment.


Standard Survey periods range from 24-Hour, 7-day, 31 days.


To manage your power supply infrastructure you need to know:

  • The maximum demand on each circuit
  • The installed supply capacity
  • The balance of power between phases


If you are going to reduce your energy costs you need to know:

  • When, where and how much power is consumed
  • When peak demands occur
  • Your power factor
  • Your tariff options


We can measure and record:

  • Single or 3 Phase Power
  • kW, kVA, KVAr, KVArl, Power Factor
  • TRMS Amps, TRMS Volts, Frequency



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