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Ground Source Heat pumps from Reed M&E


Want to cut your heating bills by up to 70%


Ground Source Heat Pumps can help cut your heating bills by up to 70% and if you are in the UK you probably qualify for an installation grant of up to £1,200


  • Heat pumps work with your existing heating system
  • The technology is 100% proven
  • You can reduce your carbon emissions down to zero!


If your household heating bills are around £80 a month then you could save £700 a year. And this is after tax money too. Real cash in your pocket savings. If your bills are higher, you can save more.

When you discover the facts about heat pumps you'll realise that the faster you get one installed, the quicker you'll start to save.

Using typical system efficiencies from the field trial, the following savings have been modelled when replacing an existing heating system in a 3 bed semi detached home.


Groundsource heat pumps
Savings from typical
performing system
Savings from typical
performing system
Gas £/yr -£40 £70
kgCO2/yr 280 750
Electric £/yr £420 £530
kgCO2/yr 4,985 5,455
Oil £/yr £50 £160
kgCO2/yr 1,085 1560
Solid £/yr £260 £370
kgCO2/yr 4,860 5,330














The data above assumes replacing stock average boiler efficiency for each fuel type.


  • Heat pumps cut your heating bills - giving you more cash in your pocket
  • Heat pumps cut your CO₂ emissions - doing the environment a favour
  • Heat pumps work with your existing heating system - no need to replace everything
  • Heat pumps are 100% proven technology - no risk

To discover just how easy it is to start saving with a heat pump, get in touch with us today and there's no obligation.


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