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Air Source Heat Pumps from Reed M&E


Our Air to Water heat pumps are designed as highly efficient, simple to install 'plug and play' units. The wide range in sizes of the units includes both single phase and three phase units, which typically cover most domestic requirements as well as commercial applications. This cheap energy can then be used for hot water only or up to full space heating through radiators and under floor heating.



All air source heat pumps are fully laboratory tested and accredited for performance, build quality and manufacturing processes. Our commitment is demonstrated by providing full testing data to ensure successful specification and installation. All products are tested to the highest standards by independent inspectors to cover every aspect of the manufacture and performance of the heat pumps. A full manufacturer warranty is provided.


How much will you save?

According the The Energy Saving Trust the prospective financial and carbon savings from installing an air source heat pump are as follows:


Fuel Displaced £ Saving per year CO2 saving per year
Gas £300 860 Kg
Electricity £870 6 tonnes
Oil £580 1.6 tonnes
Solid £280 5 tones


All savings are approximate and are based on an air source heat pump providing 100% of space heating in a detached property.


What options are available?

There are two types of air-source heating systems. Air-to-air systems provide warm air, which is circulated to heat the building. Air-to-water systems heat water to provide heating to a building through radiators or an underfloor system. We supply a full range of air source heat pumps to the UK, including swimming pool heat pumps and loft heat pumps.


How Does a Heatpump Work?

The air source heat pump is a viable heating alternative to conventional heat sources.

In essence an air source heat pump has a motor powered by electricity that delivers more energy than it consumes. For every kilowatt of energy used as electricity, around 4.2 units of heat are delivered to your heat store. The Eco Airpump works by pressurising refrigerants to create a heat output. Heat pumps use similar technology to that employed in domestic refrigerators or freezers, but in reverse. Air source heat pumps use electricity to power the compressor, which forces a refrigerant (R404a) through tiny holes to create heat. The heat is then transferred to your heating system, and it is this cycle which makes air source heat pumps so efficient.


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