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Solar Thermal Energy from Reed M&E


reed-solar-energySolar thermal systems are used to provide solar water heating. They use the sun's energy to heat up water. Solar heating is an environmentally friendly way to obtain hot water for a household. This type of solar water heating can also be used to heat swimming pools. Up to 70% of a household's hot water needs can be generated using this type of solar heating installation. Solar heating installation of this type has a number of environmental and financial benefits. You will see an immediate reduction in your energy bills. As well as this, when you begin to utilise the sun's energy in this way, you immediately lower your carbon footprint, something of critical importance as the world tries to slow down climate change.


Reed M&E provides approved equipment and installation by trained and experienced installers on domestic and commercial properties alike. We can assist you in obtaining any financial help you may be eligible for to help to cover the cost of the installation and can also answer any questions you might have about solar panel installation in general.


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